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Next Steps

Thanks for being a part of the 

What To Expect

Day Of Filming

All filming is done remote. When you join the platform, we will have time to get set up, make adjustments to sound and lighting. We are able to do retakes and make edits later. 

Within 2-hours of your scheduled filming, you will receive an email with a link to the Wirecast Platform. Guests can join from their smartphone, webcam or wifi enabled device.


If joining from an iphone, you will need to download the Wirecast Go App, click here to download:

1. Getting Your Camera Set-Up

  • Lighting - Should be in front of you

  • Sound - We recommend headphones with an in-line microphone or Airpod (pro)

  • Camera/smartphone should be mounted on a tripod or fixed location

2. Logging Into Wirecast - Within 2-hrs of your scheduled filming time, a link to the Wirecast Platform will be emailed to you.



  • Click the link

  • Type in your name

  • Turn your phone to the horizontal position

  • Click "Join"

  • The admin will add you to the platform

3. Filming - After we are set-up we will begin filming. We will simply cover the following questions:

  • What's your favorite quote?

  • State your name, title and current company name

  • What did you wanted to be as kid/young adult?

  • Please provide a brief summary of your business (when you hit your pivotal moment).

  • Please share the background of what led up to your pivotal moment.

  • Share the specific moment you realized your momentum had stalled.

  • What did you do to overcome your barrier?

  • What was the outcome?

  • Fan questions (Optional)

  • Please provide 3 tips you learned from your experience.

  • What are you currently working on? (product plug)

  • How can people find out more about you and your business (website, social media)?

4. Commercial Plug - After the interview we will film a short, scripted plug (Click Here to download the Script PDF). The words will be:


"Hey! This is _____! Catch me on the 3ft Project to find out how I overcame a major hurdle in the growth of my career/business/personal life.


Click going to get Facebook Event reminders and hit the share button to invite your friends.


Then tune and and host a watch party so you can be a part of the 3ft Project."

Ahead Of Your Episode Air Date

Ahead of the air date, we will promote the upcoming episodes. This will be a good opportunity to leverage the content to promote on your pages as well. Here are some tips on leveraging the content.

Episode Promotion - We will schedule the air-date for your episode, along with the following:

  • FB Event Link - Please hit share

  • FB Event Host invite - Please accept invite

  • FB Cross Post invite - Please accept invite

  • FB Video Commercial Post and Tag - Please hit share 

  • IG Post Tag - Please repost to your page

  • IG Post Tag

  • IG Story Tag - Please share to IG Stories

  • IG Branded Content Invite

  • IG Video Commercial Post and Tag - Please hit share 

  • LinkedIn Post Tag - Please share FB Event URL

  • LinkedIn Video Commercial Post and Tag - Please hit share 

Day Of The Broadcast

The episode will broadcast as a Facebook LIVE stream. It will be simulcast through our pages and affiliate pages. Here are some tips for leveraging the content on your pages as well.

LIVE Air Date - On the day of the LIVE Stream we will do the following:

  • Stream LIVE on Facebook - Please hit share and host a Watch Party

  • Cross Post (simulcast) to multiple pages and sponsor pages

  • Host Watch Parties into multiple groups

  • Other Platforms - We will publish the episode to IGTV, YouTube, LinkedIn and The LBN Past Episodes page

Social Media Links + Hashtags

Here is a list of social media links and hashtags associated with this series. Please feel free to reference them and copy and paste the handles and hashtags.


FB: @The Live Broadcast Network


IG: @TheLiveBroadcastNetwork


IG: @JosephHaecker

#3ftProject #SharingIsCaring #3ftToGold #Business #SmallBusiness #Success

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Important Documents!

Please download ahead of interview...

Click to download Next Steps PDF

Click to download Scripted Plug PDF

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