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TheLBN | From a Rant to a Network

How we continue to "break Facebook"

"F*ck the Trends". It was a rant, that turned into the first call-in style talk show on Facebook. That became a network.

It started as a rant. From a hotel in Los Angeles, Joseph went LIVE on Facebook for the first time, under the title, "F*ck the Trends". With a live audience of over 2,200 people and 30k same day viewers.

By week seven, Design Talk LIVE brought on HGTV celebrity co-host, Donna Moss. Then in week nine, they discovered how to reach over 100,000 people in a week. By week nineteen, they monetized. As with any system, they simply rinsed and repeated to the tune of more than 3-million people reached, globally, in under one year.


The trick is Facebook. No other platform has a solid social network behind it. CEO and on-air host, Joseph Haecker calls it, "Leveraging existing networks".

Joseph learned in his very first episode that when he went LIVE, Facebook automatically notified his network that he was LIVE. But more importantly, when he invited guests onto his show, Facebook automatically notified his guests network that they were LIVE with him

The math was simple. Each guest simply multiplied his potential reach. The trick was to leverage this. And leverage it he did. In under one year, Design Talk LIVE has reached over 3-million viewers world-wide.


Joseph lives by the motto that, "I work hard, not to work". You wouldn't know it though by the numbers that he has proven through traction, ratings and celebrity guests. Did we mention that Design Talk LIVE only airs once a week, for one hour at a time? 

This means that Design Talk LIVE had produced only fifty-one hours of content to achieve a viewer reach over 3-million people, globally (let that soak in).

So, what's next for Design Talk LIVE?

When Joseph is on the road attending industry events, he's often asked, "Are you going to go LIVE?". His reply is always the same, "No. I only go LIVE Tuesday's at 8am PST/11e". Which got him thinking.

Design Talk LIVE is now become The LIVE Broadcast Network. TheLBN is the first LIVE stream broadcast network to host original programs with a variety of topics, niches and genres, regularly scheduled with celebrity hosts and guests, exclusively on social media.


Instead of going LIVE multiple times per week, Joseph signing new hosts and show concepts under multiple categories, such as; food, travel, music, design, lifestyle and more.


Each show features its own host, theme, guests, branding and network reach. Though it will all broadcast from The LIVE Broadcast Network business page, as a media and broadcasting network.

When asked about this, Joseph said, "This has been done before in television and radio. Before networks were established, individuals were broadcasting on the free airwaves. Then networks like ABC and NBC formed, to pool talent and sell advertisement. We are employing the same business model through social media."

By operating as a network, TheLBN is able to offer advertisement as both a network and show sponsorship. This allows companies to either benefit from a broad market segment reach. Or drill directly into the viewership within a specific show's niche audience.

What started as a rant, has the potential to change the concept of influencer marketing in an over saturated social media famous landscape.

As consumers migrate away from cable television to mobile platforms, such as Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. The LIVE Broadcast Network business model may set the precedence for a viable LIVE stream media broadcasting alternative.

Joseph says that he is looking to capture Facebook's attention by proving that this is a viable avenue that would give Facebook a competitive advantage over other media outlets.

The LIVE Broadcast Network already has several Hollywood celebrities in the pipeline for weekly LIVE broadcasts that are monetized and provide compensation that rivals most established networks budgets. For sponsors, The LIVE Broadcast Network offers unparalleled engagement and digital interactive capability.

The future of television may just become LIVE stream network broadcasting on Facebook. And The LIVE Broadcast Network is the first to market in this new frontier.

Show Statistics

Average weekly viewership - 504,000

Annual views: 4,900,000

Audience Gender: 63% Women 37% Men

Countries: USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Middle East, Latin America, etc.

Midweek Rewatch: 80,000

Same Week Rewatch: 217,000

Engagement: 73%

Most Watched Episode: The Scott Brothers "Lip Sync Battle" 19k LIVE, 500k Total Views

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