Advertising Tips

Here are several tips to help you get the most out of your advertising dollars with TheLBN.

Unlike any other platform, Facebook LIVE provides audiences and advertisers the ability to engage in ways we've never experienced through television and radio.

Just like you wouldn't pay for a trade show booth and not hire anyone to work it. You also wouldn't pay for advertisement on social media and think it will magically produce results.


In this "Advertising Tips", we will offer several easy and actionable ways for you to get the most benefit from your advertising investment into the shows you are partnering with. 

1. Assign a Junior Marketer to this Account...

None of the tips we will suggest require a PHD in Marketing (AND can all be done from your smart phone or tablet). But they do require participation.

Our suggestion...assign a junior marketer to this account. Then have them tune in and engage with audience members.

Each of our episodes attract both a LIVE audience and a "re-watch" audience. By assigning a junior marketer to the account, they will be able to engage with both LIVE audiences and re-watch audiences.

Here are a few ways to engage:

  1. Be Present - Tune in for the full hour long show

  2. Get Involved - Post questions related to the show (What are your thoughts?, Did you just say...?, How many people have purchased similar products?, etc.)

  3. Post An Offer - Post a discount code with a time limit ("click now to receive the discount", "enter this code to win", etc.)

  4. Post An Announcement - Share an upcoming event or announcement. Let people know where they can find more info.

  5. Run A Poll - Engage audiences with an informal poll. Ask them to post a "Heart" or a "Sad Face" emoji if they agree or disagree.

  6. Track Engagement - Post a unique URL ( This will let you track demographic, bounce rates and other important traction information through your Google Analytics account.

  7. Network - Each show attracts a specific audience of people that are very likely to be interested in the topic or subject matter. So, why would you not reach out and say "hi". Make a new friend by reaching out.

  8. Follow Up - Click on audience members profiles and discover more about them. Then stay in touch.

  9. Discover Celebrity Endorsers - Each of our guests are on the shows to promote themselves, a product and/or an announcement. This is a great opportunity to reach out to them for future collaboration. 

2. Promote Each Show...


Every show we book, includes an Event Post and a FB LIVE Episode. Facebook offers several ways for you to promote your involvement with each episode. This maximizes your visibility with both the audiences as well as the celebrities that are scheduled on the shows.

Here's some quick and easy tips for sharing:

Event Posts:

  1. Hit GOING - By hitting Going, FB will send you a reminder 1-hour prior to the event that the episode will be airing. This will also let your network know that you are planning on watching the LIVE Episode

  2. Invite Friends - Hit Share and invite up to 100 friends within your network of followers. You can add a personal message before sending to your 100 friends. Make sure to invite them to hit GOING and to hit SHARE as well.

  3. Share to Groups - Groups allows you to target audiences with a high potential of engaging with your content. By sharing into groups, you provide groups access to the original content you have partnered with TheLBN to create. Post a personal message when sharing, inviting them to hit GOING and to hit SHARE.

  4. Share In Messenger - Type a personalized message inviting your friend network to click GOING. You can also use this message to build anticipation of an offer you plan to run during the event ("Click GOING so you  don't miss our special announcement", etc.). Again, you can send this message to as many as 100 friends and followers.

FB LIVE Episodes:

  1. Check-In - One hour ahead of the event, FB will send you a reminder that you selected GOING. By checking-in, you can post to your page or to groups that you are going to watch the episode. Make sure to post a personal message, inviting your friends to join you while you watch the episode.

  2. Hit SHARE - When the show goes LIVE, Facebook gives you several reminders to hit SHARE. Simply click on the SHARE button and invite your friends to join you as you watch the episode. Remember to remind them to watch for your announcements and/or call-to-actions

  3. Engage With The Audience - Following the tips in section #1 "Assign a Junior Marketer to this Account", there are several ways to engage with both LIVE viewing audiences and re-watch audiences.

Host a Watch Party:

  1. Host A Watch Party - This is a new FB feature that allows you to promote a video and engage your audience. By hosting a watch party, you can create conversation and gather feedback from your audience about the content covered in the program. From a marketing standpoint, this is a great way to gather consumer feedback.

Grants & Scholarships:

  1. Give Back - Through several of our shows, TheLBN has programs that redirect a percentage of advertising funds towards private grant and scholarship programs. Though we dedicate a percentage of certain shows ad revenue towards grants and scholarship on behalf of advertisers. We work with our annual, semi-annual and network advertisers to create and plan grant and scholarship programs that are named after the our premium advertiser companies and brands. This means that if you advertise at the premium level, you get to help us craft grant and scholarship programs in your name.

  2. Making a Difference - We learned early on, that making a difference was a core goal. By working together, we can make a difference in our communities.

3. Target Industry Experts...


Everyone loves to be invited to speak on a panel...especially, if they don't have to travel​!

We discovered very early on, the power of a panel discussion. When, in week 9 of "Design Talk LIVE", we hosted the top design industry podcasters for a panel discussion. That episode was the first of our episodes to reach over 100,000 people within one week of airing. 

So, who are the industry leaders that you would like to assemble and talk about products in your industry? Lets create a panel discussion. Please note, that the ability to organize a panel discussion is strictly limited to annual and semi-annual advertisers only.

Here are some tips for planning a panel discussion with The LBN:

Planning Your Panel:

  1. Target Your Perfect Client - Simply let us know your wish-list of clients or industry leaders that you would like to assemble. TheLBN will reach out and organize the scheduling of the panel.

  2. Eye Catching Topic - No-one sticks around for boring content. Lets craft a title that draws attention and gathers SEO.

  3. Be Relevant, Not Pitchy! - No-one likes being sold to. So, while you are on the panel, focus on making a good impression (You can leave all of the promotions, offers and calls-to-action to your junior marketer).

  4. SHARE - Following the same steps above (Following the tips in section #1 "Assign a Junior Marketer to this Account"), this will help ensure a great turnout for your LIVE panel.

  5. Send an Email Blast - Let your email lists know that you are going to be on-air on TheLBN. Simply copy and paste the Facebook Event Link into your email campaign as a call-to-action.

  6. Follow-Up with Panelists - When you speak on a panel together, you form a bond. So, don't forget to follow-up with your fellow panelists.

Book Your Brand Ambassadors:

  1. Book Your Stars - Do you already have brand ambassadors representing your brands? Then lets get them booked on the shows you are already advertising on. This gives them the perfect opportunity to engage with their own audiences as well as new ones, to talk about your brand and products.

  2. Share This Page - Encourage your brand ambassadors to follow the steps in section 2. Promote Each Show...

  3. Repeat Section 2 - Now that you have your own celebrity brand ambassador on the show, promote the show! Just follow the steps in section #2.

Book An On-Site Event:

​This feature is available at discounts depending on your advertising package. Please check your policy for discount details and policies.

  1. Choose A Venue - Are you presenting at an upcoming event? Or maybe you would like to partner to host an event? In either case, we can collaborate to create an on-site event. 

  2. Pick A Topic - Again, no-one wants a boring topic. So, lets work together to create a topic that will drive traction and attendance.

  3. Star Power - We can leverage your own brand ambassadors, or we can invite past guests or tap into our network of celebrity guests and expert speakers.

  4. Build An Audience - Leveraging the show, we can include promotions for the upcoming event, LIVE on several shows leading up to the on-site event's launch.

4. Be a Good Community Member...

The absolute best results come from advertisers that realize that by participating in advertising with TheLBN, they are gaining access to ​our growing community of real people and friends. 

The relationships and trust that has been built through vulnerable topics, engaging conversations and a strong sense of community is what makes the content we are creating on TheLBN so unique and special.

Here are a few ways to be a good community member:

  1. Support Others - Hit the Like or Heart Icon for audience members that like and follow you. This is free and it shows you care.

  2. Hit SHARE - When you see good content, hit SHARE. You expect others to hit SHARE for you. Then hit SHARE for others.

  3. Rally Around Causes - We are all going through different things in life. So, if you see a community member in need, be the tribe you would like to build. Show some care and concern by asking them how you can help.

  4. Make A Difference - Talk to your TheLBN team member to learn about creating grant and scholarship programs to help people in our communities.

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