A Student's Perspective

Annual Sponsorship

What's included...

Annual Sponsorship comes with all of the perks:


  • 20% Discount off of the Full Rate

  • A Scholarship dedicated in your company name

  • Scholarship competition rules input and branding

  • A Grant dedicated in your company name

  • Grant competition rules input and branding

  • Premium Sponsorship Designation

  • Premium Inclusion for Special Events

  • NEW - 9-15 second Video Commercial

  • NEW - Website URL banner during LIVE segment

  • NEW - Intro or Outro mention  

  • Event Post Social Handle Hyperlink

  • Event Post Website URL Hyperlink

  • LIVE Description Social Handle Hyperlink

  • LIVE Description Website URL Hyperlink

  • 48 On-Air Mentions

  • 4 Topic Choices

  • Product Placement

  • One (1) On-Site LIVE Event

  • 50% Discount on All Additional On-Site LIVE Events



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