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Cathy has lived in the Annandale/DC area since the early 2000's. Before starting her career in Real Estate, she worked as a server in the DC area. It was her experience working in the service industry that gave her the customer first style that she has carried into her Real Estate business. 

Cathy loves what she does. Where most Realtors simply want to sell a home quickly, Cathy takes pride in preparing her client's homes to reach top market value. And in many cases, she has set a new standard for the area by selling homes for more than $100,000 above the market value.

Why does this matter? 

Because she loves increasing the value of the city, county and state that she calls home. Which is why we have reached out to you.

Cathy would like to feature your local business at NO COST to

you, in what we are calling our Your Neighborhood Spotlight.

This is a FREE feature in either an Article style format, or by invitation, we can also send a videographer out to interview you for a video feature.

Both options are FREE. We will distribute the articles or videos, via our extensive email and marketing distribution, social media and website.


When posting to social media, we will tag your company as well as out industry partners, in order to leverage the maximum audience reach.


All we ask is that you repost, share and post a comment to say hi to our friends and neighbors.

Please simple select one of the options below, and we will get started right away with scheduling you for our Your Neighborhood Spotlight!

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Spotlight Article

This is the easiest way to get your company in front of Cathy's social media and email subscribers.

Simply click the Spotlight Article option and fill out the form.


Spotlight Podcast

This is as simple as a phone call. We will take your recorded voice and share it as a podcast-style interview with Cathy's subscribers.

Simply click the Spotlight Podcast option and fill out the form.


Spotlight Video

This is the absolute best way to communicate your brand to Cathy's subscribers. We will produce and edit a video for free.

Simply click the Spotlight Video option and fill out the form.

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