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Why wait for press, when you can be the Press!
You could be sharing industry stories and articles.
Self-published industry articles & ads.
What's in it for you?
Cultivating a Community

Our self-publishing digital media platform allows you to feature clients, retailers, vendors, and your distribution network in a way that's both authentic and engaging. By sharing their stories, you cultivate a thriving community and strengthen industry connections, solidifying your brand's role as a vital hub of knowledge. But it doesn't stop there. Advertisers can seamlessly pay and post ad campaigns on your platform, opening up new revenue streams while boosting brand visibility. It's not just about showcasing; it's about creating a dynamic platform that serves your industry and your bottom line. Ready to redefine your industry presence and unlock endless opportunities?

Featuring Community

With our self-publishing media platform, you can feature industry leaders and curate a treasure trove of the latest industry stories. Imagine offering your audience a one-stop hub for the most current insights, trends, and success stories. But here's the beauty of it—our platform empowers you to spotlight your clients, retailers, vendors, and your distribution network, fostering connections and turning your brand into a trusted industry resource. It's not just about sharing; it's about creating a dynamic community that boosts your brand and your industry's collective knowledge. Ready to become the ultimate industry resource and amplify your brand's authority and value?

Lower Price Point Ads

Our digital self-publishing platform is more than just a space for stories; it's a prime opportunity to attract sponsors. Imagine seamlessly integrating digital ad sales that not only enhance your on-site event but extend to podcast programming and digital media. This turns your platform into a powerful sponsorship magnet, attracting advertisers eager to reach your engaged audience. With TheLBN, you're not just publishing content; you're creating a valuable advertising space that sponsors are eager to be a part of. Ready to redefine sponsorship opportunities and offer an innovative platform that advertisers can't resist?

365 Content Creation

With our innovative self-publishing digital media platform, you can keep your brand at the forefront throughout the year. Imagine effortlessly sharing engaging articles, seamlessly integrating digital advertising, and even managing your leads through an embedded CRM system. This hands-free approach transforms your brand into a dynamic, ever-present force in your industry. TheLBN's 365 self-publishing media doesn't just offer content; it's a strategy to bolster brand recognition and revenue potential. Ready to unlock the power of continuous engagement and reshape your brand's presence and profitability?

Brand Recognition

With our self-publishing digital articles, you can build a robust presence in your industry, 365 days a year. Imagine effortlessly sharing engaging articles that captivate your audience, all while seamlessly integrating digital ads. This isn't just content; it's a strategy to amplify your brand's recognition and revenue potential. TheLBN's 365 self-publishing articles offer a dynamic path to maintain a prominent position in your industry, attracting exhibitors, sponsors, and revenue opportunities like never before. Ready to redefine your brand's identity and financial future?

Increased Revenue

With our low-price, low-barrier digital ads integrated seamlessly into our 365 self-publishing platform, you can generate new revenue streams effortlessly. Imagine advertisers flocking to your platform to place cost-effective digital ads, capturing your engaged audience's attention while boosting your bottom line. TheLBN's 365 self-publishing and digital ad generation isn't just about content; it's about creating a sustainable and accessible revenue model that works for both your brand and advertisers. Ready to unlock the potential of affordable, impactful digital advertising and revolutionize your brand's revenue potential?

How it works.
Building Your Platform

Our Articles Program is a stand-alone website platform with shared ownership. We build you a complete platform with the ability for site visitors to self-publish articles to the platform, based on the categories you want to highlight. We create interview forms to guild the featured people, businesses, and influencers. We also build out a complete digital ad’s registration and payments platform for your digital ads campaign. This platform comes with a free CRM that you and your team can use to track user engagement, behaviors, and insights. You can also access and download contact information to grow your primary user database.

Digital Ads/Lead Gen

Your new self-published media platform and digital ads platform is a great way to capture lower price point advertisers and sponsors, while farming up future primary sponsors. Digital ads offer an affordable price point for your sponsors that would like to get involved but don’t meet your event sponsorship threshold. Your sales teams can both redirect sponsors to the self-serve digital ads and can also solicit sponsors from the list of digital ads sponsors. Simply redirect advertisers to your digital ad’s platform!

We Take Care of the Rest

Once set up, your self-publishing digital media and ads platform is self-sustaining. Our account managers will maintain the website for inappropriate content and ads that do not belong on your platform. We will maintain the site on a monthly retainer basis, with regularly scheduled maintenance and site updates. You and your team have full access to contact information and billing. Your marketing team can pull content from the site to add another level of marketing and site traffic.

How it works
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