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You could be providing in-booth coverage.
Add value for your exhibitors, be the press.
Increase revenues and grow your brand.
What's in it for you?
In-Booth Coverage

Imagine providing your exhibitors with professionally produced videos capturing their booth's highlights, product demonstrations, and engaging interactions. This content becomes a powerful marketing asset, extending far beyond the event. Share it across social media platforms, creating a buzz that reaches a broader audience and drives sustained interest. Furthermore, leverage these videos for virtual events, webinars, or product launches, enabling your exhibitors to maintain momentum and engagement in the digital realm. TheLBN's approach doesn't just document an event; it cultivates a dynamic and versatile media library that elevates your exhibitors' brand visibility and marketing impact. Ready to offer your exhibitors an experience that goes beyond the show floor?

Upselling Booth Space

Elevate your event experience and add a new revenue stream by providing in-booth video coverage to your exhibitors. Our white-labeled video production services allow you to seamlessly upsell media packages to exhibitors, offering them professionally produced videos showcasing their products, services, and brand story. This personalized content becomes a powerful marketing tool, enabling exhibitors to maximize their visibility and engagement during and after the event. With TheLBN, you're not just organizing an event; you're empowering exhibitors to stand out, connect with their target audience, and achieve a remarkable return on investment. Ready to revolutionize your exhibitor offerings and boost your event's success?

Increased Sponsorship

Elevate your event's sponsorship offerings and create prime opportunities for upselling with our in-booth video coverage. Imagine reimagining your sponsorship packages by seamlessly integrating media coverage. TheLBN empowers you to offer sponsors a unique value proposition by including 'brought to you by' title pages, 30-second video commercials, and engaging lower thirds advertising. This not only elevates their brand exposure but also enhances the overall event experience. By infusing digital media coverage into your sponsorship packages, you create a win-win scenario: sponsors gain exclusive visibility and exhibitors enjoy enhanced brand partnerships. Plus, it adds an attractive layer of value that sets your event apart from the competition. Ready to transform your sponsorship packages and deliver a dynamic, media-rich event experience?

365 Programming

With our remote content creation expertise, TheLBN empowers you to extend your brand's reach far beyond the confines of your event. Imagine creating and distributing captivating content year-round, establishing a dynamic online presence that engages your audience and attracts sponsors and exhibitors like never before. Our 365 programming not only maintains your brand's visibility but also opens up an array of opportunities to sell exhibition space and sponsorship packages throughout the year. TheLBN makes it easy to captivate your target audience and nurture lasting partnerships, all while bolstering your bottom line. Ready to take your brand to new heights and seize 365 days of brand recognition and revenue potential?

Brand Recognition

Our 365 coverage doesn't just capture your event—it transforms your brand into a dynamic, ever-present force within your industry. Imagine maintaining a consistent online presence that keeps your audience engaged, builds anticipation for future events, and establishes your event or industry as a prominent player year-round. By harnessing TheLBN's expertise, you create lasting impressions and bolster your industry's recognition. This not only enhances your brand's stature but also offers numerous revenue opportunities. Secure sponsorships, exhibitors, and attendees by showcasing your industry's vibrancy and innovation at every turn. Ready to seize the power of 365 brand recognition and unleash your event's or industry's full revenue potential?

Increased Revenue

With our 365 coverage approach, you don't just capture an event; you create a dynamic, year-round revenue generator. Imagine attracting sponsors and exhibitors throughout the year with compelling content, podcast programs, and digital media. These opportunities aren't confined to a single event but continue to flourish day after day. TheLBN transforms your brand into a profitable media hub, showcasing your industry's innovation and engagement potential. By capitalizing on this content-rich strategy, you don't just grow your revenue; you introduce entirely new streams of income that strengthen your brand and secure your financial future. Ready to boost your bottom line and diversify your revenue streams like never before?

How it works.
Create Branding

Getting started is easy. We start out by establishing base pricing (either flat rates or tiered pricing). Then we work together to craft your new media branding, logo and strategy. This can be as easy as Company Name News, or Company Name TV. We work together to craft the right strategy for you and your brand.

You Sell Packages

You set your own markup rate! With our base pricing established, you and your sales team can begin to offer media coverage as either a marked-up package, or an addition to the booth space or sponsorship programming. You simply pay us the agreed upon per unit sales amount.

We Provide Coverage

We take it from there. The day before the event, our team shows up to begin training and walking the floor. On the day of the event, we handle all of the filming, editing, streaming and distribution. With our proprietary equipment, we are able to film, edit and distribute nearly all of the content within 24 hours of filming.

How it works
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