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You could have your own podcast.
You could be hosting industry conversations.
Connect a community & generate revenue.
What's in it for you?
Cultivating a Community

Our white-labeled podcast services enable you to create captivating audio content that spotlights your network, showcases their stories, and builds a dynamic community. Imagine having a dedicated platform to feature clients, retailers, vendors, and your distribution network, allowing them to share their insights, experiences, and success stories. With TheLBN, you're not just organizing events; you're nurturing a lasting community and amplifying your brand's presence through the engaging world of podcasting. Ready to unlock the potential of your network and cultivate a thriving community?

Featuring Industry Leaders

With our white-labeled podcasting services, you have the opportunity to feature industry leaders and be the platform where the latest industry information and stories come to life. Imagine providing a space where clients, retailers, vendors, and your distribution network share their expertise, trends, and experiences, positioning your brand at the forefront of industry knowledge. Ready to become the trusted source of industry insights and showcase the brilliance of your network? Ready to amplify your brand's authority and value?

Increased Sponsorship

With our podcast programming, you can offer sponsors a unique and compelling value proposition. Enhance your sponsorship packages by including 'brought to you by' voice overs, 30-second audio commercials, and clickable URL links. This isn't just sponsorship; it's dynamic brand exposure and direct engagement with your audience. TheLBN's podcast inclusion doesn't just provide additional revenue streams; it transforms your sponsorship opportunities into a powerful platform for sponsors to connect with your audience. Ready to take your sponsorship packages to the next level and give your sponsors unmatched visibility and impact?

365 Programming

Through our expertly crafted remote podcast content, we empower you to extend your brand's reach throughout the year. Imagine providing engaging content that resonates with your audience, not just during events but all year long. With a consistent presence in the podcast world, your brand gains traction, attracting more exhibitors, sponsors, and ultimately revenue. TheLBN's 365 podcast programming offers a unique edge in the competitive exhibition landscape. It's not just about events; it's about establishing a powerful brand that thrives 365 days a year. Ready to unlock the potential of year-round content and revolutionize your brand's impact and revenue potential?

Brand Recognition

Our year-round podcasting initiative doesn't just keep your event or industry on the radar; it propels your brand to the forefront. By maintaining a consistent online presence, you can engage with your audience every day and position yourself as a leading authority in your field. TheLBN's 365 podcast programming isn't just about broadcasting; it's about building a resilient and dynamic brand presence. Unleash the potential of continuous recognition and amplify your brand's reach and revenue opportunities. Are you ready to redefine your brand's identity and financial future?

Increased Revenue

With our specialized podcast ad generation, you can unlock a new realm of revenue potential. Imagine creating targeted audio ads that resonate with your audience, turning each podcast episode into a revenue-generating asset. This not only enhances your event's profitability but also opens doors for advertisers seeking to reach your engaged audience. TheLBN's 365 podcast ad generation isn't just about podcasts; it's about creating a lucrative platform for advertisers while enriching your brand's revenue streams. Ready to harness the power of audio ads and transform your brand into a revenue-generating powerhouse?

How it works.
Create Branding

Getting started is easy – Our creative team works with your marketing team to create podcast cover artwork that represents your brand and the tonality of your podcast. We craft a strategy with music and cover art that reflects your brand and position within your industry. We offer simple pricing based on the following series lengths: • 6-Episode Series • 12-Episode Series • 22-Episode Series Simply pick a package and we take care of the rest!

You Sell Advertising

Generate additional revenue through sponsorship voice over ads! Work with our team to establish pricing. Then reach out to your existing brand and event sponsors for ad sponsorship. We charge a flat rate for each ad style that is sold: • “Brought to you by” sponsor (typically no more than 3 spots) • 10-20 second audio commercial sponsor (3-4 blocks of 3 – 9-12 total) • Clickable link URL sponsor (Unlimited) Then our editing team embeds your sponsored ads into each episode. This is a great way to upsell existing sponsors and engage new sponsors at a lower price point!

We Take Care of the Rest

Once everything is set, we begin booking, recording, editing, and producing your podcast series. Once the series is recorded, we work with your marketing team to schedule the release and promotion of your series. We handle everything from creating the Spotify account and scheduling based on your marketing and promotional schedule!

How it works
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