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Design + Alcohol...What could go wrong?

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Be a guest on The Drunken History of Design

Warning! Must be 21+ to enter

Do you love design? Do you also love a good drink? 

Then we would love to get you drunk and have you share a decade-by-decade recap of The History of Design from your perspective. 

All episodes are filmed remote. You supply your favorite drink. We highly recommend you write down some notes.


Then, we will film you as you drink (get drunk) while trying to share with us your version of The History of Design.

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Show Format

Pre-Recorded. Streamed On Social Media

All episodes are pre-recorded and streamed on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and IGTV. Episodes are 15-20 minutes long.


Ahead of the show, you will need to:

  • Write bullet point notes to cover a decade-by-decade recap of the design niche that you will be sharing

  • We suggest you write in bold letters and position your notes slightly off camera

On the day of filming, you should:

  • Have several drinks pre-poured and ready for consumption

  • Your smartphone or webcam securely mounted on a tripod or fixed to your computer

  • Have a comfortable chair or sofa to be seated in

  • Have already had 1-3 drinks prior to filming

  • Have canceled all other plans for the evening (and have someone around to hold your hair afterward)

Filming the Episode:

  • All filming will be done remote

  • You will receive a Wirecast link within 2-hours of your scheduled interview

  • You should find a comfortable area, with a sofa or chair in the foreground, with lamp and bookshelf in the background (for depth of field).

  • This will be a night/evening shot, so you will need extra lighting on your face, but not necessarily the background (darker background is ok for this shot)

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