Extreme Tales

Of   Ordinary Designers



The design industry is [mis]represented by celebrity designers, tv networks and magazines, all telling stories of amazing transformations, unrealistic deadlines and projects that simply don't relate to reality.

So...Let's change that.

I would like you to join me in sharing the stories of every-day designers, sharing some of their most "extreme" projects, clients and challenges...but with a twist!

The stories are your stories. The books will be coloring books, in a short story format. And I will publish the stories that make people LOL. 

These are your stories, put in to adult coloring book format, published by The Live Broadcast Network and available for purchase on Amazon.

If your story is chosen, you will earn 10% of all profits from the sell of your story.

Simply share your short story, submit it and if chosen, your story will be published and available for purchase on Amazon!

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eBook and Paperback Versions

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