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Facebook LIVE is the New Venue for Trade Shows

Host your next trade show, expo or event, LIVE on Facebook

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Host Virtual Events

Get the trade show experience, Live!

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Trade Shows Have Gone Virtual

Live Streamed Segments To Replicate Trade Show Engagement


Product Pitch Segments
These segments are designed to replicate a trade show experience, with new product announcements, feature and benefits explanations, and information about inventory levels, sourcing and specification information.


Multiple Location Segments
These segments are designed to provide context to product offerings, by allowing multiple people streamed from factory settings to help explain product manufacturing or process information.


“How To” Demonstration Segments

These segments are designed to replicate a Live Demo, seen at trade shows and events. These allow the company to provide detailed information about the installations or use of their products.


Panel Discussion Segments

These segments are designed to replicate the panel discussion format found at trade shows. Allowing multiple companies to sponsor discussions about industry news, trends and information.

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Whether you are looking to take your event virtual because of social distancing, or you want to create a value add for your exhibitors, going virtual is the answer.

Now, “Virtual” has been the buzz word for quite awhile. But what are exhibitors and attendees expecting? They want engagement and sales. Simple.

We’ve all heard of Matterport and Virtual Reality (VR)


The problem with Matterport…

There’s no “urgency”. If you (personally) could view something 24/7, when will you actually get around to watching?

With VR, I think we all realize by now that video games and trade shows are not the same thing.

It’s not about creating a virtual “environment”. It’s about engagement, learning and sales.

Struggling with pricing?

The LBN FB LIVE Events offer an equivalent to “booth rental space”, sponsorship's and

media ad buys. Giving you the ability to generate revenue comparable to an actual event.

Why Facebook LIVE?

Facebook LIVE is the only platform that provides:
• Event Posts (to drive traffic)
• Live Streaming
• Active URL links (so people can purchase
• Live Comments (so people can engage with
sales reps and each other)
• Boosting (so you can reach larger audiences)
• Permanent Video Content
• Great Engagement Analytics


By partnering with The LBN, we take a backseat to your show. We are simply here to help you create an amazing event.

In either case, The LBN is ready and able to partner with you to create a Facebook Live Event as a temporary replacement to your live event, or as an on going feature to your real event.

We look forward to working with you!

20190308150449_IMG_1572 Round.png

Joseph Haecker
On air host + CEO + Founder

What Does A Facebook Live Event

Look Like?

Branded Event

As with any Event, your branding would be front and center. In this example, it is clear that this is the WestEdge Design Fair event.

On-Air Show Host

With a broadcast of this style, it would be beneficial to have a host to guide viewers through each of the segments, to provide introductions and an overall timeline for the branding of the broadcasted event.

WestEdge Mockup.png

Animated Lower 3rds

Animated Lower Thirds, logo placement and video ads, provide a unique and valued advertisement opportunity.


The ability for sponsors to have a variety of ways to showcase their brands and products is an important aspect to revenue generation.

With a FB Live Event, there are multiple opportunities for revenue generation, such as:
• Logo placement
• Animated Lower 3rds ad placement
• “Brought To You By” Logos and Voice Overs
• 10 30 second video commercials

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Arrow 3 Black.png
Arrow - Black.png

Host Virtual Events

Get the trade show experience, Live!

Hosting an Event?

Download our FB LIVE Event PDF...

How Does This Make Money?

Sponsorship/Advertising Revenues

As with any trade show or event, there are multiple streams of revenue, based on the square footage of booth space and ad spend.


Obviously, the greater the brand awareness, the greater the ad spend.

The same is true for a Facebook Live Virtual Event.

Exhibitors pay more for a greater results. And sponsors also, pay more for better positioning and awareness.


To contact us about creating your next event:

Host Virtual Events

Get the trade show experience, Live!

Hosting an Event?

Download our FB LIVE Event PDF...

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