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Here are some simple tips to help you Go LIVE

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Being On-Camera can be nerve-racking. But taking care of some details ahead of time will help you be prepared. Here are some helpful tips for getting ready to stream LIVE for your broadcast.


Social sharing and driving traffic to your upcoming broadcast

  1. Click here to find your FB LIVE Event, Date and Time

    • Hit Share - Facebook lets you share several ways​:

      • Share a Post - Share a quick note with your followers inviting them to "Click Like to receive FB Event Reminders"​

      • Share to Stories - Share your Event to your Stories, so your followers receive a more public notice

      • Share through Messenger - Add a short note, reminding your followers to Click Going

      • Invite Friends - Add a short note and invite several of your more engaged followers

      • Copy and Email - Click the More Options... text and copy the Event URL to be used in your outgoing email campaigns.

    • Promote Your Event - The LBN is already Boosting your Event with $150 to help reach a larger audience. If you would also like to Boost the Event, it will help to drive more traffic to your broadcast.​

  2. Repeat #1 - 2-Weeks before your event, 1-Week and the 1-Day before the event. Seems annoying, but your followers will have most-likely never have seen your post, or have forgotten by time your event airs. Being diligent in marketing your event is key.

  3. Post to Other Platforms - Lets your followers on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Medium know that you will be Streaming LIVE, along with the FB Event URL, date and time.

  4. Email Campaigns - Promote attending your FB LIVE QVC-Style broadcast just as you would the actual High Point Market Event. Give your clients and audiences a heads up as to what they may find during the broadcast. This is your opportunity to drive traffic.

    • Repeat #4 - Send an email campaign 2-Weeks before your Event, 1-Week before and 1-Day​ before your event.

  5. BONUS - Write an Article About Going LIVE - Let your audience know how you are making Lemonade out of Lemons, and that you care about their safety, and that is why you are Going LIVE to bring them your great products, in safe and modern way. Let them know that you are excited to grow your business with the changing times.​


Purchase Equipment and choose an area to Go LIVE from

You may already have all of the equipment you need. Here are some tips and suggestions:

  1. Cameras:

    1. Smart Phone - ​Your smart phone is one of the easiest and best ways to Stream LIVE. Most newer smart phones have great cameras and sound. Plus your newer iPhones provide great wireless micrphones, through the use of your airPods.

    2. Webcam - My favorite is the Logitech Pro Webcam c920 (available on Amazon)

    3. DSLR Camera - The 2020 top rated DSLR for Vlogging is the Canon - PowerShot G7 X Mark III (available on Amazon) (requires a Video Capture Card to stream LIVE)

  2. Sound:

    1. iPhone airPod - For iPhone users, this is the best option

    2. Earbuds with in-line Mic - For Android and older iPhones, a good quality set of earbuds with and in-line microphone works great (available in Amazon). The downside - You are attached to the camera with a cord. The positive - Your sound will be clear and you will be in the perfect range of the camera.

    3. Rode Video Microphone with Boom - Since this will simply be a one-way dialog, having an employ hold a boom and microphone would provide the absolute best sound. I recommend the Rode VideoMicro Compact On-Camera Microphone (available on Amazon), along with a hand held Boom Pole with Stand (available on Amazon)

    4. Shotgun Microphone with Boom - A better version of the microphone is a Audio-Technica ATR-6550 Video Camera Cardioid/Supercardioid Condenser Shotgun Microphone (available on Amazon), along with a hand held Boom Pole with Stand (available on Amazon)

  3. Lighting:​

    1. Softbox Lighting Kit - I highly recommend a 3-Light Soft Box Studio Kit. These are by far the best for the price. I would only suggest that you pick up a couple of extension cords, so you can move the lights around and provide good lighting coverage (available on Amazon)

    2. Day Light Umbrella Kit - The umbrella kits are great for creating diffused lighting. I would go with #1 first, then #2 (available on Amazon)

    3. 10" LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand - This is great for selfies and filming solo UBeesize 10" LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder (available on Amazon)

  4. Other Equipment:

    1. 60-inch Camera Tripod - ​This is a simple piece of equipment that can add a steady quality to your broadcast. The UBeesize 60-inch Camera Tripod provides a good camera angle for more LIVE broadcasts. (available on Amazon)

    2. Tripod Dolly with Rubber Wheels - This a great piece of equipment for creating a smooth, pan and zoom feature, while still providing a steady picture. The Neewer Photography Professional Heavy Duty Tripod Dolly with Rubber Wheels is a great option (available on Amazon)

    3. 3-Axis Gimbal - Gimbals are simply a great way to create a professional moving camera video, without having to hire a steady camera operator. The All-in-1, 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for Digital Cameras/Action Camera/Smartphone gives you a wide use, from smart phones, DLSR and even GoPro (available on Amazon)

    4. Video Capture Card - If you are using a DLSR to LIVE stream, you will need an Elgato Cam Link 4K compact HDMI capture device in order to make your camera act as a webcam for LIVE Streaming (available on Amazon)

    5. Wireless Lavalier Microphone System - This is a great way to create clear sound (does not require a boom operator to capture sound). The Saramonic Vmiclink5 Professional 5.8G Wireless Lavalier Microphone System allows up to 2-people recording (available on Amazon)

  5. Location:

    1. Warehouse Space - ​Going LIVE from your warehouse has a few ideal qualities:

      • Depth of Field - Depth of field means that there is a large area of space behind you. This looks great on camera​

      • Behind the Scenes - It gives the viewers a sense that they are getting a peek into how you manufacturer. This is great for film.

      • Echo - The large open space creates a reverb with the sound (echo), which will help to hide any funny noises of nerves while speaking on camera.

    2. Showroom - Typically, showrooms have less space, but more decorative elements to ​see on camera. If you from a showroom, make sure to do the following:

      • Plan Ahead - Either have all of the products you will be speaking about nearby, for someone to bring on camera, or, have a plan form which items you will be featuring and know ahead of time which order you will present them in.​

      • Section Off The Area - If your business will have customers in it, make sure to section off an area ahead of time, to restrict guests from walking in front of your camera

    3. Office or Desk - This is more of a newsroom style, which is great for lighting and sound control, but fairly boring for the viewer..

      • Tip: Put a sign on the outside of your door saying that you are on-air and can not be disturbed


Setting Up For Your Broadcast

The more you are prepared, the easier it will be to present and sell your products during the Live Broadcast. Here are some simple tips for being prepared.

At least 5-Days prior to your scheduled broadcast date, please submit your Run-of-Show form. This information will be used to make sure that the product information that is displayed on-screen, matches the product that you are presenting during the broadcast. This is very simple if done correctly, Simply fill out the form in the order that you will be presenting your product in.



Item #1 - Blue Shirt

Item #2 - Red Jacket

Item #3 - Green Hat

Then on the day of the broadcast, you would present your products in the following order:

1. Blue Shirt

2. Red Jacket

3. Green Hat

Staff Requirements

You can easily stream your products with very minimal people. In most cases, simply having the following people will produce a successful broadcast:

  • On-screen Host - At least one (1) person to present and talk about product

  • Camera Operator (or Camera on a Tripod) - If using a tripod, the camera operator would simply turn the camera on and monitor it during the broadcast. If you do not have access to a tripod, the camera operator would monitor the camera while pointing and shooting the video.

  • Laptop & Phone Operator - This person would serve as a "Customer Service Rep", answering calls, processing orders and responding to messages on the Facebook Live.

Additional Staff (Optional):

  • On-Screen Co-Host - Having a co-host provides additional banter, provides better product insights, and ensures that information is conveyed.

  • Product Porter - The product porter is a person who is dressed professionally and is able to walk product onto camera and remove items, so that the on-screen host(s) are able to focus on delivering product messaging.

  • Multiple Camera Operators - The LBN Live production software allows for multiple camera inputs. Which means you can have one (1) or more cameras on tripods, and one (1) or more "roaming" cameras to zoom in on product details.

  • Boom Microphone Operator - This person would be responsible for operating a Shotgun Microphone attached to a Boom. This allows for the best quality sound.

  • Multiple Laptop and Phone Operators - Having multiple operators/customer service reps will help you process more orders and attend to customers requests and questions.

Keep Your Presentation Organized

We highly recommend writing bullet-points on a large sheet of paper, placed just off to the side of and behind the camera. These bullet-points should serve as a reminder to prompt you to cover certain topics and talking-points during the broadcast. 


Intro - 

  • Your name

  • Company

  • Covid19 statement

    • We value our team and your safety...etc.​

  • Product Availability and Inventory Updates

    • Shipping disclaimer (1-Week, under current shipping availability)​

    • Inventory (While supplies last)

    • Products in-stock or made-to-order

  • Summary of products on today's show

    • May include a general statement of how your product can benefit your clients/customers, given the current situation​

  • How to Contact and Place orders

    • Instructions, stating:​

      • Call the number listed below with questions about today's products​

      • Type questions in the comments section of the Facebook Live Stream

      • Click on the product links posted by our customer support team, in the comments

      • Visit our website at:

      • Email orders to:​

  • Lets start off with our first product #1 - Blue Shirt​​​

    • Product Features​

    • How you can use this product given the current circumstance

    • Inventory Info

    • Shipping Info

    • Unique Selling Proposition

    • Call-To-Action (Buy Now, Supplies Are Limited, "Stimulus Pricing", Limited Time Discount, etc.)

  • Call-To-Action - A Reminder to call the number below, or visit to place orders

  • Product #2 - Repeat Above Steps​

  • Closing Statement:

    • Customer service reps are still available to process orders​

    • For more information about products, please follow us at:

      • Website​

      • Social Media

      • Retail locations

    • Farewell message​

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