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The Live Broadcast Network’s Reaction To High Point Market Postponement

High Point, NC, March 14 – The LBN founder and host Joseph Haecker issued the following statement regarding High Point Market Authority’s decision to “postpone” the Spring Market, until June [2020] due to an abundance of concern over the spread of the COVID-19 and the fall out of the impact this may have on the interior design, retail and home furnishings industry.


“The preventative measures that High Point Market Authority ultimately decided to take were understandably hard to make and much needed, considering the current fears and rapid spread of the virus. The idea of postponing the Market event, though hopeful, also leave the industry in limbo. Given the consolidation of media outlets, manufacturing and retail closures, and the impact the industry has suffered in recent years from online resources, the affects of this Market closure, and others like it, may have significant financial implications, and a ripple effect for the many businesses that rely on sourcing new product and building vendor relationships.


It is for that reason that The Live Broadcast Network is announcing a first of its kind, SPECIAL “QVC-Style” High Point Market - Facebook LIVE Broadcast Marathon, scheduled for April 25-29 from 9am -7pm, daily. The LBN is accepting applications from Manufacturers, Vendors and Suppliers that would have exhibited during the High Point Market Week, to broadcast collectively in 1-hour time slots, through The Live Broadcast Network’s Facebook page. In a special, “QVC-Style” Live Broadcast, so that manufacturers are able to present their new products, provide important information and continue to process sales orders, to engage with designers, retailers, buyers and specifiers.



The LBN firmly believes that not only should we strive to keep our community safe, but we should also exercise every option, in an attempt to make sure that product continues to flow into and through the many businesses that depend on sourcing of goods, for their clients and customers. Though The LBN firmly believes in the value and benefits of trade shows, expos and Market events. We also believe that the industry and community is much too important to wait and watch.


This community of business owners and entrepreneurs must continue to have access to products and vendors, especially in times of trial. As the designers, retail owners, and business owners are the life blood of the home goods and furnishing industry. As an industry, we can not afford to cut off a supply source, without exploring any means possible. The LBN continues to work with Market representatives in order to facilitate and coordinate the Live Stream Marathon. We look forward to finding a solution that will help businesses throughout the industry stay open and producing revenues through these stressful times.”



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