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IAHSP Virtual Conference & Expo

2020 has moved all of us into a "New Normal". So, this years Annual IAHSP Conference & Expo will be held "Virtually"!

We have teamed up with The Live Broadcast Network to produce the show for us.

All of the segments will be pre-recorded, remote from your smartphone, tablet or webcam. Which means, you won't have to travel or physically stand on a stage to present your product or speech. And, it means you will have a digital copy to use after the expo.

Since we are re-imagining how to deliver the stage experience, we would like you to consider a more entertaining "behind the scenes" style presentation.

Here is an example of a video, showing audiences, "How to Shoot an Interview".

Notice how they have another person, filming them as they present their "How To".

They Live Broadcast Network will schedule a filming date and time with you, to act as a remote camera operator/director. They will work with you to produce content similar to what you see in the example.

This will provide content for your segment that will be engaging and entertaining for your audience.

Make sure to complete the form below and schedule your filming time slot right away.

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Download our "How To" instructions...

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For Our Exhibitors - QVC-Style Segments

Home stagers buy a lot of product. Based on each owners business model, we are also retailers. With Covid19, so many of us have not been able to attend physical showrooms in order to hear directly from our manufacturers and reps. Allowing us to discover the newest products and availability, has essentially come to a screeching halt.

We have teamed with The LBN to create QVC-style product segments, so that you can communicate to IHASP Members, in your own words, your latest products, trends and offers.

Unlike QVC, your segment can be filmed from your showroom, office or warehouse, remote from your smartphone, tablet or webcam.

The LBN will act as a remote camera operator and director. All you need to do is fill out the form below, get your products ready and log on to the link they will send you, to film your segment. 

After the conference has aired to our members, you will be able to use your QVC-style segment in your own marketing.

All Participants - Teaser Video

During the filming of your segment, The LBN will film at least one "Teaser", that will be used to promote your participation in the Virtual Conference and Expo. The teaser will be shared through our website, email and social media. We will take you and supply you with a copy of the teaser, so that you can market it through your network as well.

Here is an example of a teaser video that The LBN has done for another project.

Ultimately, we wish we could be in Colorado together, in person, as a community. But, since we can't physically be in one location, we are excited to create a "virtual show" that provides a different spin on our annual conference, that can be educational, inspirational and beneficial to everyone involved.

We are excited to have you participate in the first ever, "IAHSP Virtual Conference & Expo".


Jennie Norris

IAHSP Chair-Woman


We are looking forward to filming your segment.


Simply click the link and fill out the form to schedule your remote filming.

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We are looking forward to filming your QVC-style segment.


Simply click the link and fill out the form to schedule your remote filming.

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We are looking forward to promoting your logo, voice over or video ad during the Virtual Conference.

Simply click the link to send us the assets and information needed for your ad campaign.

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Teaser Video

Lets drive traffic to your presentation and the IAHSP Virtual Conference and Expo. 

Upload your Teaser Video and we'll get it in front of our audiences!

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