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Support Local Businesses When You Purchase With In-Home Shopping, Live on Facebook

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In-Home Shopping  |  Streamed LIVE on Facebook

Watch. Discover. Purchase Products.


Tune in Tuesday's to discover products from manufacturers, retailers and brands, Live on Facebook.


Watch as companies provide insights into product details, unique features, inventory updates, shipping times and how to purchase their products, all from your smart phone, laptop, tablet or computer.

Host a Watch Party! See something you like? Invite with your friends to watch with you, by clicking Share and hosting a Watch Party.

Support local business. The LBN does not take commissions, so you know that your money is going directly to the companies you support.

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Morning Wake Up Call - Episode 1 - Erin

Ep 1 - Morning Wake Up Call with Erin Minckley

Have you clicked GOING? Tune in to hear how Erin Minckley, owner of @Relativity Textiles raised over $20k to start her wall coverings business, on @Kickstarter

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VORSAK - Fashion & Accessories

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Past Episodes

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S2-Ep 8 - Chip Wade presents Kidde


FB Live Event - Relativity Textiles - Wa
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S2 Ep 7 - Erin Minckely Hand Screened Wallpaper


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