Did You Hear? Facebook has launched FB Shops!

Now you can present and sell products directly from your Facebook Page!

Your store front has changed. With the latest update from Facebook, combined with In-Home Shopping, you are able to both present and sell products directly on Facebook.

You've always dreamed of reaching a larger audience and offering your products to a larger audience. In-Home Shopping helps you get your products in-front of over 500K weekly viewers.

With remote production, on-screen graphics, the ability to broadcast on Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, AND NOW selling products directly from your Facebook page, selling your products on social media has never been easier!

Start selling your products on In-Home Shopping.

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Facebook Shops!

Open To All Businesses With Product To Sell

In-Home Shopping, Streamed Live To Over 500K Viewers, On Facebook

Coronavirus (Covid19) is not only a threat to public health, with travel restrictions and mandatory lock downs, the economic fallout may have an even longer lasting impact.

The world still needs access to your product solutions.


In an effort to help businesses get their products in front of consumer and to-the-trade audiences, The Live Broadcast Network is offering Commission-Free, "QVC-Style" In-Home Shopping, streamed Live on Facebook.

This is a great way to present your product, provide demonstrations, give inventory updates and open up lines of communication with regional and global audiences, remote from the safety of your warehouse, retail location or office. 


As the world learns to adapt to the changing economic situation, it is imperative that product continues to flow into the marketplace. 

The LBN hopes to do our part to keep commerce and product solutions available as the world adjust and adapts to the ever changing environment.

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Episode Styles

Episodes to fit your brand and sell product


This episode style is designed to:

  • Feature products

  • Provide product information

  • Provide promotional offers

  • Drive sales of specific items


This episode style is designed to:

  • Features a specific product(s)

  • Provides product instruction

  • Provide promotional offers

  • Drive sales of specific items


This episode style is designed to:

  • Feature your brand

  • Communicate availability

  • Feature multiple product offerings

  • Drive sign-ups and product sales

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Simple 1/2-Hour Time Slots

Book Time Slot And Capture Sales And Contacts LIVE

1/2-Hour Time Slots - Manufacturers, vendors and panelists can book 1/2-Hour time slots.


Companies will be able to:

  • Present products

  • Provide inventory updates

  • Engage audiences

  • Write and process unlimited sales orders

  • Pay ZERO Commissions!

How It Works

Remote Videography • Live Editing • Facebook Distribution

Remote Videography

Have you already tried to DIY using Zoom or other video conference platforms, but not satisfied with the generic results? 

The LBN takes all of the work out of Going Live. 

All you need for going Live is your smart phone or webcam and good lighting. We take care of the rest.

Want to host an interview segment? Your guest signs in and you simply enjoy your conversation.

Graphics and Videos

Whether you decide to Stream Live or Pre-Record your episode, we are able to add on-screen graphics, photo and video overlays.


This provides a finished quality, with clear call to actions and eye catching content to keep your viewers interested and engaged with your narrative.

Just enjoy your conversation and we will create the screen transitions to enhance your story.

Live Editing or Pre-Recorded

Have a product to sell?

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Want to make sure that you deliver the right message? The the pre-recorded option might be best for you. The LBN can pre-record and edit your episode, then push it "live-to-tape" at a scheduled date and time.

This is great for creating multiple episodes and celebrity guests.

Do you have a clear message you want to deliver and want to engage with live callers or comments? Then our Live Editing option would be perfect. 

We can still include on-screen graphics, photo and video overlays, so that you can be free to focus on your conversation.

Cross Posting and Distribution

Want to drive traffic to your page to grow your followers?

With the Facebook "Cross Posting" feature, your episode will stream directly form your Facebook page, with the added benefit of simulcasting to The Live Broadcast Network.


Our page averages 500K views a week. Which translates to a much larger audience and reach.

So you get a branded experience, along with a broadcast that reaches all new audiences.

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Show Statistics



17% 25-34 • 17% 35-44 • 17% 55-64


13% 25-34 • 17% 35-44 • 15% 45-54


81.6 United States

7.3% Canada

5.7% UK

2.1% Australia

Show Statistics:

504.7K Average Weekly Reach

52.9% Women

47.1% Men

87.1% Retention


750-1.1k Same Day Viewership

67.3% Instant Articles

23.2% News Feed on Mobile Devises

9.5% News Feed on Desktop Devices

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Past Episodes

FB Live Event - Daltile.png
Play Video Icon 1.png

S2 Ep 5 - Daltile presented by Chip Wade


Episode Statistics


122,033 People Reached

33,987 Post Clicks

121,857 Paid Reach

43K Video Views



2,997 Thru Plays

65,472 Reached


3,719 Thru Plays

54,816 Reached


Desktop News Feed

58 Thru Plays

801 Reached

Marketplace Mobile

6,576 Thru Plays

118,369 Reached

Mobile App News Feed

169 Thru Plays

2,464 Reached



269 Thru Plays

7,616 Reached


1,373 Thru Plays

29,920 Reached


1,859 Thru Plays

33,280 Reached


1,556 Thru Plays

26,432 Reached


1,132 Thru Plays

16,160 Reached


614 Thru Plays

8,448 Reached

FB Live Event - Zuo Mod - Furniture.png
Play Video Icon 1.png

S2 Ep 6 - Luis Ruesga CEO of Zuo Modern


Episode Statistics


86,586 People Reached

8,857 Post Clicks

572 Organic Reach

86,014 Paid Reach



6,181 Thru Plays

64,719 Reached


1,559 Thru Plays

20,176 Reached


Desktop News Feed

51 Thru Plays

505 Reached

Marketplace Mobile

7,620 Thru Plays

83,631 Reached

Mobile App News Feed

118 Thru Plays

1,093 Reached



980 Thru Plays

12,944 Reached


2,182 Thru Plays

26,048 Reached


1,906 Thru Plays

20,400 Reached


1,398 Thru Plays

13,696 Reached


861 Thru Plays

8,128 Reached


462 Thru Plays

4,352 Reached

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