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The first LIVE Broadcast Network on Social Media

What if you were one of the first sponsors of radio or television? How would that have impacted your growth?

The DTL Network is that opportunity. We are treating Facebook like the free air and radio waves that made TV and radio possible. We proved traction, celebrity booking and monetization with our original show, Design Talk LIVE. Now with over 3-million people reached globally in under one year, we are signing new shows and creating DTL Network Original Programing. 

Network sponsorship means that you benefit from the collective success of all of the shows scheduled and broadcasting from the DTL Network Facebook page. All of the stars. All of the audiences. One affordable price.

Why Does Network Sponsorship Matter?

In under one year, our flagship show, Design Talk LIVE has reached over 3-Million people, globally. With each new show, in each new genre, the unique guests, audiences, and the pool of sponsorships, only the Network Sponsors benefit from the collective opportunity that is presented via LIVE broadcast programing.

The opportunity in the numbers is clear and simple. If each show that we sign were to simply attract the same or better viewing audience as Design Talk LIVE, with 21 hours of LIVE programing each week (three shows a day, seven days a week), we could reach over 63 million viewers, globally, each year. 


Our goal is to create 72 LIVE broadcast hours each week, which would exceed 216,000,000 people reached each year. There is no other page on Facebook that even has that potential.

From a Network Sponsorship value standpoint, there is no other network that has that potential to deliver, at the pricepoint we are offering.


From a marketing standpoint, this is marketing gold,

How Does the Network Work?

Most companies use their Facebook business page to advertise or promote their own products, branding and messaging. With the DTL Network, we are treating our business page as a channel, where we host multiple shows and hosts, broadcasting original programing from a single business page.

Here's a simple example of the network effect:

Show                                    Views of Show

A Student's Perspective.....3-million


Design Talk LIVE..................3-million

Let's Talk Country.................4-million

Design Hot Seat..................6-million


Total Network Views           23.5-million

Network sponsorship is perfect for companies that have a product or service that requires a broad and global audience.

Become A Network Sponsor

Network sponsors benefit from the collective audiences of all current and future signed shows. Why only invest in one show at a time when you can have all of our hosts as brand ambassadors for your company. Become a Network Sponsor.



Best Value

Annual Sponsor




Save 20%

6-Month Sponsor



Save 10%

3-Month Sponsor



Save 5%

Monthly Sponsor



Premium Scholarship Included

DTL Network supports education by funding scholarships, grants and student incentive programs through our student hosted weekly talk show, "A Student's Perspective". 

As a Network Sponsor, a scholarship is automatically dedicated in your name (see more info for sponsorship levels and details). This alone provides a great value to any organization.

Through your support of the DTL Network, we are making a direct impact on the next generation of college bound students.

Awards and Events

As a Network Sponsor, you are the first to learn about awards programs and events that we are planning through each of the industries we have reach access to, through our wide range of show topics and niche audience segments.

Network Sponsorship is not simply limited to LIVE. 

    Notice: Recurring payments based on sponsorship terms

                 Current rates valid until 1/1/2019

Have a question?

For sponsorship questions, contact:

W (949) 652-9503




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