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Network Offers FREE QVC-Style Broadcast,

To Help Keep Product Flowing Into The Marketplace

Wednesday, March 18, 2020 - In an effort help keep product flowing into the marketplace, The Live Broadcast Network announced that it will make its network available to manufacturers, vendors and suppliers to broadcast "QVC-Style" LIVE, to audiences for free and at special reduced rates.

When asked, LBN's founder, Joseph Haecker said, "The virus is an ongoing threat. But the economic fallout that is already creating a ripple affect, could create lasting damage to businesses of all sizes and types."

As of Wednesday March 18th, The Live Broadcast Network began booking time slots for upcoming weekly Facebook Live "QVC-Style" Broadcasts. These LIVE sessions will be used to feature products, provide supply updates and promote solutions that can help the public adapt to the ever-changing impact of Covid19.

Every Tuesday, from 8am-9pm PST, the network will feature different companies, in 1-hour time slots. Manufacturers will be able to stream from the safety of their remote warehouse, retail location or office, to help reduce the spread of contagion. The episodes will broadcast through The LBN's Facebook page (, to a collective audience of over 160,000 weekly viewers. Consumers and trade professionals will be able to communicate directly with the manufacturers by phone, live feed, chat, email and through each manufacturer's website.

The network announced that it will be offering two of twelve time slots, each week to select manufacturers at a special 100% discount. The LBN will also offer dramatically reduced rates, to help manufacturers maintain communication with consumers and distribution channels.

The LBN hopes this will help to keep product flowing into the marketplace, so that distributors can avoid layoffs and continue to provide access to valuable resources for consumers.


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