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In-Showroom, Product Features

In our first time reporting Product Feature segments from High Point Market, in October 2020, The LBN filmed, edited and produced 44 Product Feature segments in under 7 days, to reach over 173K viewers and produced 82K clicks to manufacturers websites.


Our goal was simple...

"If people can't get in front of the products. Let's get the products in front of people."

In 2019, High Point Market reported attendance of 75K. In comparison, The LBN had nearly twice the amount of viewers, in less than 5 days.

Don't miss out on filming with The LBN at your next market.


People Reached: 46.6K

ULR Clicks: 21.2K


Men: 69%

Women: 31%

People Reached: 15.6K

ULR Clicks: 6.8K


Men: 22%

Women: 78%

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