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Original Programming, streamed LIVE on Facebook

Podcasts, you can watch.


Do you love flooring, countertops, wall coverings and surface materials? The companies, brands and products that are featured annually at The International Surface Event is now available to watch all year long on your favorite social media platforms. Discover and purchase product directly...MORE


11am PST/2e

Morning Wake Up Call

Ready to start you week with inspiration? Each week Morning Wake Up Call features a story of a person that has overcome and obstacle, reached a turning point in life or career, or was forever moved by client or project. Morning Wake Up Call - 15-Minutes to kick-off your day with Design...MORE


7am PST/10e

In-Home Shopping

In response to the disruption in business from the Covid19 outbreak. The LBN introduces In-Home Shopping, LIVE on Facebook. Companies can apply to present their products and services for sale in front of a live streamed audience of over 167K weekly B2B and B2C viewers...MORE 


8am PST/10e

3ft Project

Why do some succeed, while others fail? Join me each week as I talk with celebrities, CEO's and industry influencers as we talk about that moment of uncertainty and how they overcame barriers to reach success. I'm calling the 3ft Project.



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