Simple One Rate Pricing

This was an unexpected occurrence and we simply want to provide manufacturers with the best alternative to getting their products in front of consumers and distribution channels, directly. As such, we are offering a one-time simple rate pricing structure. Simply pay and we will book your time slot. Space is limited and will run out fast.



In-Home Shopping, LIVE on Facebook


1-hr slot

Space is limited

This one-time rate provides you with a 1-hour time slot, to broadcast live and direct to an audience of interior designers, buyers and retailers. You will receive a dedicated time slot to remotely display your products and answer audience questions LIVE on Facebook. 

Bundle Includes

LIVE Broadcast:

1-Hour dedicated, time slot (Time Slot - TBD)

Video Commercial - Run a pre-recorded video of your products and/or commercial  

Logo Placement - Graphic logo overlay

Product Titles - Product titles and description over-lay

LIVE Chat - Engage with viewers through Facebook comments

Co-Host Broadcast - Allows your company the ability to capture viewership results and contact leads

Active URL's - Allows your marketing department the ability to post active URL links into the comments, to drive traffic to products and sign-in

$150.00 Boosted Post - Boosted Post ensures that the maximum audience attendance is available for your broadcast

Event Post:

Branded Event Post - Allows your company the ability to create a custom Event Post to capture pre-registration interest

Event Tickets - Allows your company the ability to capture pre-registration leads

$100.00 Boosted Event Post - Boosted Event Post ensures that the maximum audience notified of your upcoming broadcast

Email inclusion

Group Email - Included in all updates and notifications (Quantity not specified due to the emergency nature of the event)

$5,000 payment

Space is limited

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