A serial entrepreneur from age 12, Joseph Haecker has built his career by pushing the limits of every industry he has been involved in. As a child, Joseph dreamed of becoming an animator for the Disney Company. He would say that he was a kid that doodled and played with Legos.


Doodling and Legos was the building block for his 18 year career as a custom lighting designer specializing in hospitality, gaming and high-end residential projects globally. Leveraging his experience in lighting, business management and the impact of the 2008 recession, Joseph sought to create a social platform that could connect a global design community, to collaborate while finding and sourcing products and design inspiration. He would say that his primary goal was to ensure that the people connected to the design industry would be able to provide "food on tables and a roof over-head".


Joe's goal is to change the world. He believes that the design industry does much more than create beautiful spaces. That they in fact change the way humanity engages with the planet around us.


Joseph has a maintained two passions since 2013. The first being the design industry. The second being technology and tech innovation. As a product designer, Joseph sees the two as a blurred line. When asked, he says, "the job of a designer is to solve a problem".


Self described as an introvert. Joseph has an ability to connect with an audience in a way that is both thought provoking and genuine. Joseph would prefer to engage, rather that talk. It is very prevalent when hearing him speak, that he is listening for ways to connect you to his vast network of friends, because he truly believes that we can all succeed through a community effort in working together. It is only fitting then that he would believe that the future of design collaboration is a social network.


When you book Joseph for a speaking engagement, you are inviting him to change the world through each of the people in attendance.


Joseph has participated in dozens of speaking engagements, speaking to Fortune 1,000 organizations from industries and audiences that include: interior design, architecture, lighting, furniture design, entrepreneurs, marketers, technology enthusiasts, and students of all levels.

CHANDRA Rugs Design+Style Meet-Up Event and FB LIVE Broadcast from Highpoint NC

Abbyson Showroom Design Tribe Soft Design Labs from Las Vegas Market, Las Vegas NV

TechBuzz Startup Pitch Event from Washington DC

BOLD Summit Emerging Technologies from Chicago Il

About Joseph Haecker


Joseph has spoken in front of audiences of 10 to 450. Some crowds have left excited, jubilant and busting at the gut with laughter. Others have been brought to tears with vulnerable sharing and transparency. There are no guarantees. Each event is lead by one simple common thread... Genuine Communication. The result is always the same. Joseph will leave your audience entertained, motivated, and empowered to make a difference in their world.



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