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Designer's and retailers want nothing but product and product information.

With the success of The LBN's coverage of Product Features at High Point Market, we realized that we needed to get more product information out to the design, retail and public, in between Market events.

We are calling this show, "Simply Products", with host Joseph Haecker.

Each day, we will feature one product from manufacturers, vendors or suppliers. We will immediately dive into product information, unique selling features, manufacturing process, sourcing and price point.

This is not your typical design show, full of chit chat and flattery.

This is a down and dirty look at one single product at a time, so that designers, retailers and specifiers can quickly get the information they need to inform their client and grow their business.

This program is pay to play. And is a complementary program to our Market Coverage.

With segments airing Monday thru Friday, you will want to take advantage of this opportunity to get your products in front of our 504K designers, manufacturers, specifiers and consumers.

People Want Product Information. Let's Give It To Them!

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