Private Scholarship + Grant Fund

100% of the Money Raised Goes Towards Scholarships

and Grants for Design and Architecture Students

Did you pay your way through design and architecture school, only to enter the workforce buried under a mountain of debt?

Design Talk LIVE already donates 60-70% of the sponsorship money raised for the weekly student hosted talk show, "A Student's Perspective", directly to students through private scholarships and grants. Our goal is to raise over $500,000.00 for design and architecture students, in 2019.

But instantly we began receiving emails and messages from designers, manufacturers and influencers who were not able to sponsor the show, but wanted to give back to students.

They also wanted the confidence in knowing that their money was ending up in the hands of actual students.

In response to the overwhelming demand, Design Talk LIVE has opened up an in-house private donation (NOTICE: Does NOT qualify as a 501(c)(3)), to fund students.

All donations will be distributed in the form of private scholarships and grants. Donors may indicate anonymous donations. All other donors will be recognized and notified of the scholarship and/or grant as well as recipient(s).

Sponsorship Guide

$2,001 or more .... Scholarship and Grant Rules* in your name (family name or company)

$1,001 - $2,000 .... Scholarship in your name (family name or company)

$501 - $1,000 .... Small Group Scholarship (5 contributors per scholarship)

$10 - $500 .... Large Group Scholarship (multiple contributors listed)

* Design Talk LIVE, LLC maintains and reserves the right to construct grant rules as they deem fit and which adhere to the companies standards and mission scope, with or without the donors knowledge.



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