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Wednesdays 11am PST/2e

TISEtv  |  Wed 11am PST/2e

The International Surface Event presents TISEtv

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TISEtv is a year round initiative, to bring audiences products, services, brands and manufacturers from the flooring, counter tops, wall coverings and surfaces industry. 

Each week, brands and manufacturers have an opportunity to present their products, services and solutions to a LIVE audience, streamed LIVE on Facebook and other social platforms. Representatives from the companies are available to answer questions and process orders during the LIVE stream.

Tune in each week to discover products and solutions for all of your surfaces needs, on TISEtv.

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Upcoming Episodes

TISEtv - VAlinge - 3-17-21.png



Ep 2 - Välinge Flooring

Join Lennart Thålin, Regional Manager of North and South America at Välinge Innovation AB, and Laetitia Kimblad, Director of Locking Technology, as they their latest locking technologies and innovations...MORE

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TISEtv - Mannington FloorEver - 3-24-21b



Ep 3 - Phenix Flooring FloorEver™ Flooring


Join Jason Surratt, Vice President of Residential Carpeting at Phenix Flooring, and Lauren Campbell, Director/Production Development & Design at Phenix Flooring, as they introduce their FloorEver™ Flooring product line...MORE

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