Thank you for choosing to present your product and/or brand on TISE TV. This fulfillment portal will request the information that is needed by the video production and fulfillment team (our partner The Live Broadcasting Network) to produce and edit your episode or fulfill your sponsorship selections. It will also offer some helpful tips towards ensuring your episode filming process is simple and quality.


If you chose a sponsorship opportunity (lower 3rds, voice over, or commercial sponsor) and not an episode, then you may skip to the bottom of this page now to provide your materials. Once submitted, you will be all set. The team will reach out to you for more information and airing dates. If you chose a sponsorship in addition to an episode, please review the next section of information regarding your episode fulfillment, then provide all the materials for both your episode and sponsorship at the bottom of this page.


If you chose a pitch or branded segment, your episode will be pre-recorded. If a pitch segment was chosen, please consider the best single location or background (one camera angle) that will best suit your desired presentation. If you chose a branded segment which may also include a how-to demonstration, then a wider location for multiple camera angles will be necessary. Feel free to discus this with the producer who contacts you.


Your episode(s) will be completely remote filmed from your smartphone, tablet, or webcam, wherever you choose to film, all while working with a remote producer. In most cases, your smartphone is perfect for filming these segments. The TISE TV partner, the Live Broadcast Network, will schedule a filming date and time with

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you and will act as a remote camera operator/director through your device. They will work with you to produce content similar to what you see in the example (which will vary based on the type of segment you selected).


Once your episode is produced and has aired, you will also have a digital copy for continued use in your product marketing efforts. For guidance on what to expect for your film day, and for helpful tips to consider for your video shot setup (location, lighting, support staff, etc.), please watch this quick tip video.


Make sure to complete the form below and to schedule your filming time slot right away!

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We are looking forward to filming your segment.


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In order to make your remote recording successful, some basic equipment for filming. Here are some suggested items that will make your remote filming the most successful.



Smart Phone

(for Filming)

Second Mobile Device

(for Communication)