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White-Labeled Media Coverage
Stop paying for content creation. Get paid for it!

The LBN and TISE 2023 - This year's surface event had 6% greater attendance, over 2020. And 10% greater attendance over 2019. This is the 3rd year in a row that TISE teamed up with The LBN to produce TISEtv, a signature white-labeled media partnership, where TISE is able to produce in-booth interviews, demo stage, coverage, opening day and closing day announcements, and panel coverage, at a profit. The LBN's white-label media coverage meets and exceeds Informa's 365 Content Creation and Content Capture requirements. The biggest benefit is that The LBN solution creates a profut center for your show's content creation. The LBN supplies a based rate for the various content types. Your show is then able to mark-up the rate to industry standards, in order to turn a profit. WIth The LBN White-Label Media Program, you can easily turn your content creation into a profit center for your show.

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We Meet & Exceed Informa's 365 and Content Requirements
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